Never pay retail !

Times are tough. The economy is weakening, consumer confidence is at a low and Americans are struggling just to buy basics like gas and groceries. So when it comes to getting goods that fall beyond the bare necessities, shoppers are getting smarter.  Online stores send out discount codes to SELECT groups of customers, leaving the rest of us to pay full price! To that we say, NO! We find and list ALL of the coupon codes and promotional codes that can be found.

Hidden discounts

Awesome deals can be found inside brick-and-mortar stores as well. Whether it is expressly stated or for those in the know, boutiques and big box stores alike are often willing to price match or offer a discount to reel in those that are ready to buy.

Best Buy and Sears not only have price matching policies, but they will undercut a lower advertised price by taking off an extra 10% of the difference. Plus, if customers catch a lower advertised price from another local store within 30 days of the purchase, the chains will refund 100% of the difference.

Even luxury retailers are willing to do what it takes to compete. A sales manager at Montmartre, a high-end clothier in New York City, said that even though it's not written in the store policy, they will match lower prices from other retailers on request and also give a 10% discount to their "VIP" customers, which include those that shop at the store regularly or have reached a certain spending threshold. Not a bad deal for a $400 dress or pair of $190 designer jeans.

In light of the current economic conditions, the store recently added more clients to the VIP list, the manager said, hoping to boost sales.


Even outright haggling - once restricted to flea markets and car dealerships - has become acceptable in the mass retail marketplace.

Most store policies on bargaining are informal, but shoppers with the nerve to ask about flexible pricing may just save some serious cash.

A good place to start is to ask to speak with a manager. Often a sales associate will defer to the store manager, who has more leeway to cut deals. Open the discussion by asking if the listed price is the best possible deal.

Slightly imperfect merchandise

There is more flexibility to haggle on products that have been on display and show some wear, such as shoes or sports equipment. A garment displayed on a mannequin or an item in a store window might come with a discount if it's missing original labels or packaging.

Sites like these offer coupons and online discount codes, updated regularly.

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