Value First Appraisal Service, LLC, LLC.

3810 Endicott Place                                                  Voice: 301-322-3403

Springdale, MD  20774                                             Fax: 240-337-0080

You will receive email notification of status updates, for your requests, if you place your order online.

Our Goals:

  • It is our goal to have your appraisal report in your hands within 3 – 5 business days of the request.
  • It is our goal to provide the highest quality evaluation possible.
  • It is our goal to ensure that our finished product exceeds your expectations.
  • It is our goal to have the completed reports in your office within 2 business days of the inspection, unless unforeseen circumstances arise.

Our coverage area and associated fees are as follows:

Cancellation Policy - a $75 trip fee will be assessed if the inspection was completed prior to the cancellation request.

  1. Maryland Fees for Anne Arundel Co., Charles Co. (parts), Howard Co.,

Montgomery Co., and Prince Georges Co.  (contact the office to inquire about other counties)

*URAR 1004                                         $300.00

*FHA                                                       $400.00

*2055 Int/Ext Appraisal                         $300.00 with comps

2055 Exterior Only                                  $250.00 with comps

2075 Desktop Review                           $100.00

*Condo Form                                          $300.00

Relocation                                               $600

Recertification of Value                        $100.00 without new comps

*Multi-Units                                             $700 and above

Rent Schedules                                     $125.00

Operating Income Statement              $100.00

Investor forms included                         $50.00

  1. Virginia Fees for Arlington Co., Alexandria, Fairfax Co.

(contact the office to inquire about other counties)

*URAR 1004                                       $350.00

*FHA                                                     $450.00

*2055 Int/Ext Appraisal                       $350.00 with comps

2055 Exterior Only                               $300.00 with comps

2075 Desktop Review                         $150.00

*Condo Form                                        $350.00

Relocation                                             $600

Recertification of Value                      $150.00 without new comps

*Multi-Units                                           $750 and above

Rent Schedules                                   $175.00

Operating Income Statement            $150.00

Investor forms included                       $50.00

  1. Washington, DC Fees

*URAR 1004                                       $350.00

*FHA                                                    $450.00

*2055 Int/Ext Appraisal                      $350.00 with comps

2055 Exterior Only                              $300.00 with comps

2075 Desktop Review                        $150.00

*Condo Form                                        $350.00

Relocation                                             $600

Recertification of Value                       $150.00 without new comps

*Multi-Units                                            $750 and above

Rent Schedules                                    $175.00

Operating Income Statement             $150.00

Investor forms included                        $50.00

RUSH - contact the office for availability and additional fee.

Property values of $500,000 - $999,999 please contact the office for fee

COD - Payment is required at the time of inspection for ALL requests 

**Required Documentation/Information:

  • Purchase – a copy of the Sales Contract must be provided prior to receiving the completed appraisal report.
  • Multi-Unit/Investment Property – a copy of the Lease(s) and the Operating Income Statement(s) must be provided prior to receiving the completed appraisal report.
  • Condo – the name and number of the Condo Association or Management Company